Selected Publications
* = ISI top 1% most highly cited papers in Ecology published that year
** = top 20 most cited papers in Ecology in the decade 1998-2008
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Kéfi, S., E.L. Berlow, E.A. Wieters, S.A. Navarrete, L.N. Joppa, S.A. Wood, U. Brose, S.A. Navarrete. 2015. Network structure beyond food webs: mapping non-trophic interactions on Chilean rocky shores. Ecology. 96: 291-303.

Berlow, E.L., R.A. Knapp, S.M. Ostoja, R.J. Williams, H. McKenney, J.R. Matchett, Q. Guo, G.M. Fellers, P.K. Kleeman, M.L. Brooks, L. Joppa. 2013. A network extension of species occupancy models in a patchy environment applied to the Yosemite Toad (Anaxyrus canorus). PLOS One. 8(8)L e72200.

Kéfi, S., E.L. Berlow, E.A. Wieters, et al. 2012. More than a meal: integrating non-feeding interactions into food webs. Ecology Letters. 15:291-300

Barnosky, A.D, E.A. Hadly, J. Bascompte, E.L. Berlow, et al. . 2012. Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere. Nature. 486: 52-58

* Berlow, E. L., J. A. Dunne, N.D. Martinez, et al.. 2009. Simple prediction of interaction strengths in complex food webs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106: 187-191. (supplement) (news summary)

Berlow, E.L., U. Brose, N.D. Martinez. 2008. The “Goldilocks factor” in food webs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 105: 4079-4080.

Navarrete, S.A. and Berlow, E. L. 2006. Variable interaction strengths stabilize marine community structure. Ecology Letters. 9: 526-536. (Cover Photo)

*Brose, U., T. Jonsson, E. L. Berlow, et al. 2006. Consumer-resource body-size relationships in natural food webs. Ecology 87: 2411-2417.

Brose, U., E. L. Berlow, and N. D. Martinez. 2005. Scaling up keystone effects from simple to complex ecological networks. Ecology Letters 8: 1317-1325.


* Berlow, E. L., Neutel, A.-M., Cohen, et al. 2004: Interaction strengths in food webs: Issues and opportunities. Journal of Animal Ecology. 73: 585-598.

*Moore, J.C., Berlow, E. L., Coleman, D. C., et al.. 2004: Detritus, Trophic Dynamics, and Biodiversity. Ecology Letters 7: 584-600.

Williams R .J., Martinez, N. D., Berlow, E. L., Dunne, J. A. and Barabási, A-L. 2002: Two degrees of separation in complex food webs. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99: 12913-12916.

**Sala, O. E., Chapin, F. S., III, Armesto, J. J., Berlow, E., et al. 2000: Global biodiversity scenarios for the year 2100. Science 287: 1771-1774.

*Berlow, E. L. 1999. Strong effects of weak interactions in ecological communities. Nature 398: 300-334.

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