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Project Description

Featured Project: Hacking Creativity

Creativity is what makes us human. Picasso claimed it starts with an act of destruction. Einstein suggested it springs from our own innate curiosity. Steve Jobs insisted it’s simply “connecting things.” But no matter where it comes from, creativity allows us to shape the world we live in. Hacking Creativity, led by the Red Bull High Performance group, is the first empirical study of “Creative Styles” in history. It is not a survey of how creative you are, but rather of how you create. Preliminary results from a diverse initial set of 500 innovators demonstrate, for the first time, how highly accomplished people achieve creative success in radically different ways. These results debunk common myths that there is “one way” to be your best creative self. One dominant factor which partitions distinct Creative Styles is the degree to which people have ‘introverted’ vs ‘extroverted’ creative habits. Hacking Creativity hopes to spark new conversation about creative performance that embraces the variety of ways in which people create.