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I specialize in not specializing, but my work has focused on 3 broad themes:

Ecology and Network Theory
Finding Stories in Data
Making the Complex Simple.

I like to connect the dots among problems, people, projects, and...
pretty much anything, actually.


Thrilled that my TED talk with Sean Gourley was named one of the top 8 data visualization talks on

Simplifying Complexity on

Detecting Rare Stressors on Rare Species in Yosemite National Park in Nature Scientific Reports

Hacking Creativity, the largest study of creative styles in history!

Honored to be named among the Top 100 Creatives by ORIGIN magazine.

Better Living Through Data

We work on interesting data problems that have the potential for positive impact on humanity (and other species too).

Our goal is to faciltate critical thinking with data.


Ecological Networks

Species in natural ecosystems are connected through energy flow (i.e., feeding) and other interdependencies. “Everything is connected to everything else,” but these connections are not random.

What is the network structure of nature? How can we predict which species have the biggest system-wide impact? How do these complex systems 'manage risk'?

I collaborate with a variety of people via the Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab to hopefully address some of these fundamental questions about life on earth.


Data-Driven Conservation

I have been conducting research on wilderness mountain ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada of California since 1996. I continue to collobarate with a great team of reserachers to develop data-driven approaches for better managing natural ecosystems. Our current research focuses on subalpine and alpine meadows and the sensitive species that depend on them (like the Yosemite Toad).




Socio-Ecological Networks

This collaboration with Tobias Luthe's research group focuses on the resilience of arctic and alpine communities to global environmental change. We are exploring both the social network structure of collaborations among businesses in isolated communities, and the network of interdependencies between those businesses and ecosystem services.

>> ArcAlpNet Project

>> Dogsled-Accessed Arctic Skiing
>> Telemarking Kamchatka's Volcanoes

Swall Institute

The "Swall Institute" is a creative incubation space in California's Eastern Sierra about 20 mi from the Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH).

It can accomodate informal working groups for 10 people or less. 7 is ideal.

It is the product of lots of dreaming, sweat, and love, and the help of countless friends. If you are interested in using it, email me.

>> GrownSkis @Swall
>> 72U Creativity Retreat @Swall

>> more...


Proud to be one of many part owners of the Awaken Café, an award-winning green business in downtown Oakland.






>> Awaken website